Complete & Concise - Business Analytics

Complete & Concise - Business Analytics

This summary is for the MG4F7 Business Analytics course at the London School of Economics (LSE).

Are you looking for a convenient overview of the theory covered in the Business Analytics (BA) course? Then this summary is for you. It aims to cover 95% of theory in as short a summary as possible, perfect for revision or to use while practicing exams.

The summary includes:

  • Core: All weeks of lectures are covered in 15 pages including relevant examples and figures
  • Core: Key take-aways from seminars in 2 pages, including graphing methods
  • Extra: A one-pager quick revision summary
  • Extra: Formula overview

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Preview of Week 4 of the summary

About me
I have been creating summaries of university courses for close to 6 years now and have developed a tried-and-proven method of condensing courses down to their core. The complete & concise summary now covers over 15 courses. I have sold 100+ summaries over the course of 2020-2021 and am dedicated to providing excellent value.

Who this is for
Due to the conciseness of the summary, it is best used by students that kept up during the course period itself and want to have a good overview of the theory. However, particularly in recent years, it is also suited for use when (re)watching recorded lectures.

Who this is not for
If you are expecting a summary to cover every single detail of the course and have not studied the course before picking up the summary, then you are going to find the summary too concise.

10% pledge
Ten percent of the net proceeds from my summaries is donated to Save The Children, a trusted charity focussing on improving living conditions, health, and education for children globally. Income and donations are reported transparently through my website.

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