Charity Report - Q2 2022

Charity Report - Q2 2022

All my LSE course summaries come with a 10% pledge. I pledge to donate 10% of the proceeds of the summary to a specific charity, determined on a per summary basis. In this post, I will transparently report net earnings and charity donations for Q2 2022.


  • Complete & Concise - MiM Summer Exams bundle: $370.67
  • Complete & Concise - Marketing Management: $127.01
  • Complete & Concise - Analysis of Strategy A: $93.88
  • Complete & Concise - Managerial Finance: $37.49
  • Complete & Concise - Accounting (AC493): $36.67
  • Complete & Concise - Business in the Global Environment: $55.87

Total net earnings for the period: $721.59


  • Save the Children: $72.16 as £60.00

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