Thomas Konings

Student at Erasmus School of Economics
& Programmer

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About me

My full name is Thomas Konings.
I'm y/o. I currently live in Milan (Italy) but I am from The Netherlands.

I spend my spare time building websites, going to the gym and playing guitar. My current (completed) level of education is VWO (highschool). I am currently studying IBEB at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Over the course of my educational career, I've participated in multiple extracurricular activities, which can be found below. I'm fluent in English and Dutch, also speak French, and am currently learning Italian. I'm interested in finance, economics, big data, and artifical intelligence.


I started my educational career in Belgium, where I followed the regular programme from age 2 to age 12. I then started looking for a "highschool" and ended up going to The Netherlands, there I chose to do VWO and more specifically the Gymnasium track (which includes Latin) at Norbertuscollege. During my time there, I also participated in the following extracurricular activities:
  • Cambridge English: CPE certificate (C2 level)
  • Cambridge English: FCE certificate (C1 level)
  • Econasium by Tilburg University: Statistics 1
  • Anglia Summer School: Homestay for Chinese students & Advanced English

I'm currently on an Exchange at Bocconi University in Milan as part of my third year of IBEB (International Bachelor Economics and Businesseconomics) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.



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